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B2B Punchout Integration for BigCommerce

Easily connect your site to B2B Buyers

Pre-Built Connectivity

Use our extension to enable B2B transactions on your existing BigCommerce Store or create a BigCommerce Store today!

Connectivity with 1000s of eProcurement and P2P Platforms - certified integrations list

$2000 initial setup fee

$299 / per month - see pricing


  • B2B Shopping Carts
  • Works on your existing BigCommerce store
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • cXML, OCI and UBL support

Pre-built connectivity with all major ERPs
and eProcurement Solutions

Our easy to install plugin makes your BigCommerce eCommerce solution compatible with 1,000s of ERP and Procurement platforms. Sell your products today by connecting your BigCommerce storefront with your customers eProcurement 
system using PunchOut Catalogs for BigCommerce!

Pre-built integrations with ERP systems

Start with a free trial

How many punchout connections? *

* A punchout connection is a business connected via our extension.

$2000 initial setup fee

Subscription includes:
  • Full access to all features
  • Product updates
  • Punchout mapping support
  • Email & Chat support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

We hear a lot of questions from our clients and prospects, in the section below you can get the answer to some of the questions we hear often. If there is a question that is not found below please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help.

How does this work?

Our extension instantly makes your existing BigCommerce store punchout compatible. The extension connects to our cloud platform which handles the communication between your customers platform on your BigCommerce store. We can customize the data mapping between your store but usually the connection works without any additional configuration.

When customers connect to your store we create a punchout session and modify the shopping cart page to redirect these users to their ERP or eProcurement system instead of standard checkout.

This allows your customers to find your products or services and purchase them directly from their Ariba, Coupa, etc platform.

What is a punchout catalog?

A punchout catalog is an integrated connection to a buyers e-procurement or ERP system that presents your goods and services to the buyer on your website. The catalog integration happens over cXML or OCI standards and allows the buyer to “punch out” to your application. This integration allows the user to find items on your catalog and return them to their platform for workflow approval, accounting assignment and additional steps. In the punchout process the first step is to create a shopping cart in your punchout enabled catalog. The cart is then transferred to the external system to complete the punchout process and the application keeps track of these orders and shows a list of the carts that have been transferred to external eProcurement and ERP systems.

Are punchout connections based on standards?

Yes, connections to punchout sites most commonly happen over cXML (Commerce extensible Markup Language) or OCI (open catalog interface) connections. Nearly all procurement systems and ERP solutions use these standards to communicate with your punchout enabled catalog.

What types of transactions are supported?

Our BigCommerce plugin allows the transferred cart part of the punchout process. This is the most utilized punchout option where customers connect to your store from their platform and find the goods and services they need. The process to receive the purchase orders and create invoices is handled outside of BigCommerce.

Do you support custom mapping / extrinsics?

Yes, in some cases your customer will ask for specific data to be added to the cXML or OCI data format. This additional data is sometimes needed by the customer to process the transaction effectively and PunchOut can support custom data mappings in our cloud integration framework. Please contact us to update your mappings.

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