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PunchOut Express

The fastest way to B2B

Pre-Built Connectivity

Get up and running quickly with a B2B capable eCommerce platform.

Connectivity with 1000s of eProcurement and P2P Platforms - certified integrations list

$1299 / per month - see pricing


  • Full B2B Integration
  • Carts, POs, Shipments & Invoices
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • cXML, OCI and UBL support
  • Hosting and support included

Pre-built connectivity with all major ERPs
and eProcurement Solutions

Pre-built integrations with ERP systems
Steelcase Punchout Magento Store

“Punchout Catalogs helped to marry Steelcase’s complex B2B and B2C business requirements with their expertise in eCommerce, eProcurement integration and application development to create a global platform that allows Steelcase’s dealers and customers to conduct business with us efficiently, effectively and easily, at any time, and on any device! This new platform provides Steelcase with a competitive advantage!”

Steelcase eCommerce Director

Gary Graeff
Director, eBusiness

Steelcase Punchout Magento Store

“I truly value the service that PunchoutCatalogs has provided to USESI. They bring their software, technical abilities and project management skills to the table and have made every Punchout integration much easier for my in-house team. Our account manager has done a great job onboarding new customers, troubleshooting issues and acting as a conduit between our customers and our development team.”

Steelcase eCommerce Director

Mike Mayer
VP of eCommerce

Only pay for what you need

Our platform is based on integration credits. Each one allows you to exchange one document type with one integrated buyer. The documents we support are punchout carts, purchase orders, advanced shipment notices and invoices.

How many integration credits do you need? *

A credit allows you to exchange one document type with one customer.

Each credit allows for unlimited transactions of each type.

Subscription includes:
  • Full access to all features
  • Hosting and security updates
  • Punchout mapping support
  • Email & Chat support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

We hear a lot of questions from our clients and prospects, in the section below you can get the answer to some of the questions we hear often. If there is a question that is not found below please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help.

What is an integration credit / document type? How does pricing work?

When you use our extension we will provide a license key that allows you to create a specific number of connections with your customers. Each connection can support up to four document types based on how integrated you want to be. You have the choice on a per customer basis on how much integration you want to have.

These are the document types:

  • Carts – Customers connect to your site to shop and return items to their system via a cart transfer transaction.
  • Purchase Orders – Electronic purchase orders are sent to your system via a URL provided by the extension. The PO then becomes an order in your magento store automatically.
  • Shipments / ASN – When you are ready to ship the items create a shipment in your magento store. The extension will automatically create an advanced shipment notice (ASN) and send it to your customer letting them know the item is on the way.
  • Invoices – Create an invoice in Magento and an electronic invoice is sent to your customers system in the format they accept. Get paid quicker by working electronically with your customers.
Can I connect multiple customers?

Yes, Use the extension to configure connections with all of your customers. Each one can have a different ERP or eProcurement solution with unique mapping, document types and more. You can also map customers into groups to ensure they see the right pricing and products when they login to your system.

Where is the system hosted?

PunchOut Catalogs provides different options depending on your business needs.

  • PunchOut Express – fully hosted in our Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. We provide the hosting, security, upgrades and maintenance for PunchOut Express customers.
  • PunchOut Cloud – The Punchout Cloud extension for Magento is packaged and installed on your existing eCommerce store on Magento 1 or Magento 2. In this case, you host the solution anywhere you like.
What support is included?

We provide hosting and support for your business and handle the integrations via punchout connectivity with your customers. We offer support via Zenddesk with SLAs defined on your agreement with us.

Why should be punchout enabled?

Having PunchOut capabilities provides a large number of benefits for suppliers:

  • Do business the way the largest companies in the world do business, i.e. via B2B eProcurement systems.
  • Qualify for very large contracts with these large companies who require punchout capable suppliers.
  • Provide a captive purchasing experience when they access your site.
  • Upsell and/or cross-sell additional products and/or services.
  • Gain valuable insights into what your customers are doing on your site, e.g. searching, browsing, and many other user behavior analytics.

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