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Feb 8, 2021 | About PunchOut Catalogs

Our Story & Behind the Scenes with Our Founder

Feb 8, 2021 | About PunchOut Catalogs

PunchOut Catalogs was founded in 2009 by a team of consultants who were busy implementing enterprise procurement solutions.  These consultants saw a trend where the eProcurement solution providers were continually pushing more and more suppliers to become “punchout enabled”.   

Many of these suppliers either had:

    • No eCommerce capabilities, OR
    • Basic B2C eCommerce capabilities

So, PunchOut Catalogs was launched to provide the solutions (and know-how) to quickly enable robust eCommerce capabilities to support all of the supplier’s eCommerce needs, Business-to-Business (B2B) & Business-to-Consumer (B2C).

Our goal is to enable companies to adopt and embrace enterprise B2B eCommerce.   Similar to “kleenex and tissues”, the term “punchout catalog” is synonymous with a “B2B eCommerce catalog”.  Most large companies run an enterprise e-Procurement or Procure-to-Pay platform.  These platforms are an extension of the companies ERP system and provide governance around the buying and invoicing processes.  Within these eProcurement / P2P systems, 95%+ of the buying happens via an external connection, called a Punchout Catalog.   At Punchout Catalogs, we enable suppliers the ability to connect their eCommerce sites with their customers’ buying platforms (i.e. SAP Ariba, Oracle, Coupa, iValua, Jaggaer, Peoplesoft ePro, Workday, etc)
  • PunchOut Catalogs works closely with all of the major eCommerce platforms, including:  Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Spryker, and others.
  • PunchOut Catalogs will meet the supplier where they are…in other words, if a supplier doesn’t have any eCommerce capabilities, PunchOut Catalogs can bring the entire solution, enable the supplier’s eCommerce site, and provide connectivity to allow for all types of eCommerce (B2C, b2b, and B2B)
  • PunchOut Catalogs serves thousands of customers globally and provides world class 24/7 customer support
PunchOut Catalogs is a midwestern United States technology firm that shares values of trust and integrity with our clients. Our clients entrust PunchOut Catalogs to be an extension of their company and to serve as their IT experts as we engage with their strategic customers to enable eCommerce connectivity. We work to bring our clients the best support and service, so they can focus on the things that matter ,knowing that their B2B network is taken care of.

Want to learn more about our solution? Reach out to our sales team to request a demo: PunchOut Catalogs Contact Form

An Interview with PunchOut Catalogs Founder Jack Mulloy
Jack started PunchOut Catalogs in 2009 after he also founded Nitor Partners, an eProcurement implementation consultancy. Jack and senior management at PunchOut Catalogs have had decades of combined experience in the eProcurement / Pro-to-Pay space. We asked Jack a few questions about his vision for PunchOut Catalogs and what separates PunchOut Catalogs from other providers in the space.
Jack Mulloy
What problem were you trying to solve when you founded PunchOut Catalogs?

“Through my consulting business,, we were implementing dozens of different eProcurement / Procure-to-Pay solutions.  On each project, regardless of what software solution our team was installing, the use of PunchOut enabled catalogs became increasingly prevalent.  Many suppliers lacked the IT solutions and expertise to support punchout connectivity, so we launched to address this market need.”

How has the company evolved/improved in the last 5 years?

“As the ecosystem of eCommerce platforms has evolved, PunchOut has continued to stay on the leading edge of eCommerce.  We are constantly improving our solution to grow as eCommerce providers and eProcurement systems expand their presence.”

What values are most important to the firm and the PunchOut team?

“We are maniacally focused on the customer.  So, we are continuously looking for ways to provide more value and better service to our growing customer base.”

What separates the service that PunchOut provides from other competitors in the market?

“The Punchout Catalogs team has been a part of enterprise procurement since the inception in the late ‘90’s.  So, I’m quite confident that our experience is second to none.  That said, we’ve continued to invest in our people and our technology so that, while we are the most experienced player, we are also the most in tune with industry trends surrounding B2B technology.”

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